Zombie Tales: The Dead #1 in stores today!

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March 29, 2006

Damn Californians

COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD, one of my favorite sites, which defamed me and characterized me as a tea-sippin’, East Coast Intellectual (read the article, you’ll see) where it’s clear they’ve mistaken me for my cohorts, Giffen and DeMatteis:

This reminds me more and more of the early “funny” Justice League issues, when Giffen and DeMatteis were writing really good superhero stories that happened to have funny comments occasionally. You know, before KooeyKooeyKooey!

March 28, 2006

The first review of ZOMBIE TALES: THE DEAD #1


“Since Boom! Studios’ first Zombie Tales title, I have been eagerly awaiting this comic books.

“This issue, The Dead, is no different. It might actually be the best one so far, actually.

The first story, written by Michael Alan Nelson with art by Lee Moder,… is concise and fast and it’s a great lead for the issue.

“Keith Giffen had time to contribute another episode of his Dead Meat story, with art by Ron Lim. I wasn’t impressed by the first two entries of this feature, but The Dead’s episode is slow, well-drawn, beautifully colored, and oddly neat. It just moves right along, taking its time, never trying too hard…

“The third story [is]… cute, has great art, and a chimp is the lead. Stokes fills it with her usual attention to character relationships and the–personified–internal human conflict.

“Next comes to the winner of The Dead, a story called A Game Called Zombie by Jim Pascoe, with art by Don Simpson and Chris Moreno. Game reminded me a lot of the old Marvel horror backups I used to come across as a kid reading back issues.

“The fifth story I can’t say too much about because it’s a really funny joke by John Rogers and Ed Tadem. Tadem’s art is the real selling point throughout the story…

“The last story is an installment of the other Zombie Tales regular, I, Zombie, featuring Ted the Zombie, who can talk and is generally a pleasant chap and loves his pet cat (also a zombie).

“I love these Boom! Zombie Tales anthologies and I think The Dead is probably the best one so far.”

March 27, 2006

Your monkey’s Cthulhu is not that strong

BLUE BEETLE co-writer, and ZOMBIE TALES contributor John Rogers shares a page that Andy Kuhn drew of his CTHULHU TALES story.

Check it out here.

March 26, 2006