“BOOM! Studios provides readers with yet another in a growing line of impressive anthology collaborations.

“For whatever reason, pirates entertained a cult following since long before Johnny Depp had even heard of Captain Jack Sparrow… Of course, judging by the six stories within this offering, what makes pirates so damn cool is their stories.” 

“BOOM! Studios has given readers only the highest production values since they entered the industry over a year ago…

there is some really entertaining reading to be had. From the morose life raft of the opener, Jerky–which is somewhat similar to parts of a little comic story called Watchmen–to the deceitful wenches of Wolf on the Wave to the modern day doldrums-turned-high-sea-adventure of Namesake, there is a pirate tale of every sort that will find a favoring audience.

“…my personal favorite of the bunch was Paper Rose, written by Michael Alan Nelson and wonderfully rendered by Chee with the colors of Pam Rambo. The contrasting violence with a sweepingly poetic final love letter from a doomed pirate to his lover makes for quite a complex if not ultimately moving story that isn’t often seen in pirate stories.

BOOM! Studios has yet to really let me down with any of their current books. This is the third anthology book from them that I have read and I must say that I’ve been thoroughly impressed with each.

“I would highly recommend just about anything with the BOOM! logo on it.”

November 7, 2006