Read the whole column here, but here’s some of the kind words Newsarama’s Kevin Huxford had for Cover Girl:

It is an interesting enough premise, but the execution is really where it shines. Alex Martin delivers a good deal of humor to the book and is a flawed, yet likable character. The main players introduced all add some personality and fun to the book (the receptionist, the agent, the style consultant, even the producers). There are many people that would suggest that humor is one of the hardest things to write successfully (which would seem accurate, given how many failures I’ve seen). The writers here seem to be able to hit all the right spots with their attempts. I’m not really finding a spot where I feel they got lazy and fell back on generic or clichéd bits.

His colleague Tim Janson also had some kind words in one of the “Pellet Reviews” on the site:
Great thing about this book is that writers Andrew Cosby and Kevin Church didn’t feel compelled to give too much of the story away just because it was a first issue. They’re keeping the secrets of the mysterious woman and the people in the black van as a mystery, creating interest with their readers. They have me hooked!