LEFT ON MISSION writer CHIP MOSHER interviewed

The Outhouse decided to let Left on Mission scribe Chip Mosher answer some questions and the results are illuminating:

Outhouse: On account of Left On Mission being a spy thriller, was there ever any desire to be a spy or are you one now reporting on me for the government?

Chip: I went to Cuba on a humanitarian mission in 1997 with a bunch of old SDS types, people involved in a very high level with the student movement of the late sixties. We took a bus around Cuba during the trip and there was this one guy that was a “photographer� that had all this equipment and was always showing off his photos to everyone. Of course the photos were some of the worst composed shots we had ever seen. So all the old-timers on the trip thought he was C.I.A. spying on us. That’s about as close to being next to a real spy I ever got…maybe.