Hannibal Tabu reviews stacks of comics every week, and it’s always nice to get noticed.  Here’s what he said about Hero Squared‘s latest issue:

Have you ever seen the sitcom “Scrubs?” With the exception of some episodes this season (it’s hard when your lead just plain does not care), the show has an amazing gift for balancing bowling you over with laughter alongside poignant character moments. This issue of “Hero Squared” is a lot like that, showing both sides of the Caliginous/Captain Valor conflict while making their parallel Milo and Stephie really examine what they’re doing in their own lives, seeing their personas played out to extremes. Sex, betrayal, super powers, more sex, naked ancient ATlantean wizard kings, and shouting, oh all the wonderful shouting. This is another excellent example of skilled craftsmen enjoying what they do and making the audience enjoy it too. Plus, how much good can you say about Joe Abraham’s artwork, handling grand tableaus and intimate scenes with the same degree of deftness.