Lots of love for the debut issue in this review:

“A lot happens in the first issue, but it doesn’t turn out confusing like so many ambitious comic book debuts these days. Writer Chip Mosher is an economical storyteller, letting just a few effective flashback panels tell us everything we need to know about Westfall’s wife and home life, rather than waste unnecessary pages developing this background. Some of the dialogue’s occasionally a little clunky, but the plot unfolds at a good, brisk pace. Mosher is aided immeasurably by artist Francesco Francavilla (somewhat reminiscent of Guy Davis or Leo Duranona), who imbues his characters with visible, believable emotions, and makes those flashback panels work. Along with the equally impressive colorist, Martin Thomas (whose work reminded me of the coloring on ’80s Tim Truman stuff, leading me to realize that it was Thomas who colored Truman’s Grimjack!), he manages to convey a consistent mood and a great sense of place. I’ve never been to Havana, but this is exactly how I imagine it.”