Three Interviews with SALVADOR writers SEBASTIAN JONES and the POLISH BROTHERS

Salvador writer Sebastian Jones interviewed by Pop Thought:

What world events inspired the writing of Salvador?

Well I think it was Serena William’s catsuit when she won the US Open. She saved a few lives that year.

I am really into old warrior ideals against the brave new world of technology, cloning, and whether or not you can spank your kid without a Nile sized smiling moron giving you a call about some nonsense. Digressing a little, but Salvador deals with the world of DNA engineering that is knocking on our doorstep. Barcodes for dogs, what’s the intention here? Are scientists trying to help humanity, and what happens to the guinea pigs. Our hero, an Aztec savior for DNA rejects, is born as a failed genetic experiment leaving him with hollow bones. He is light as a feather. He cannot win in love or lose in war… Don’t want to give too much juiciness away, as I think there is something magical to discover here, as our own hero learns his true destiny has been predetermined (like one’s DNA).

And here’s an interview Jones did with Diamond Comics:

How did Salvador develop?

The Polishes had been tinkering with an idea for a superhero and asked if I wanted to help. Being a geek of the highest degree I saw this as a chance for writing salvation. We stripped Salvador down, both the man and the story, and proceeded to sculpt. Before we were ready to unleash the superhero we had built an epic past complete with cryptic Aztec ancestry and an even more mysterious birthing, childhood, and destiny.

…aaaaand here’s a followup discussion with the Polish Brothers, where you get their perspective on the project:

How did Salvador develop?

Mike Polish: We were in Spain working on a movie and during a scene we have to scribe a letter using a quill. We became fascinated with the engineering of a single feather. Based on that we starting to think of Salvador.
Mark Polish: We were simultaneously doing research on genetic engineering and the effects it will have on future generations. So with that he gave us some insight to how to construct a humans ability to take flight.