Welcome to Boom! Contest

Greetings, Boom! fans, from your friendly neighborhood intern. I’ve been here in sunny Los Angeles for a couple weeks now and Ross thought it was high time I stopped by the blog and introduced myself.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve mainly been handling Web orders, so if anyone out there hasn’t received their comics yet, I’d be the one to yell at. Unless you ordered them before I got here, in which case, it’s all Cody’s fault.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line here or via email @ davegolbitzboom @ gmail.com

Now then, on to that contest I alluded to in this post’s heading.

I was rummaging through all the boxes in our “stock room” and I came across a couple cool items that I thought would make for some great giveaways. The first is … zombie tales autographed
this pretty lady right here.

That there is a limited-to-only-500-copies sketch edition of Boom!’s first anthology title, Zombie Tales, autographed by a number of its creators: John “Transformers” Rogers, the lovely Johanna Stokes, Mike Alan “I Heart Cthulu” Nelson and J.K. “Fallen Angel” Woodward.

Ross told me to make up a contest to see who would win this rare item, and I thought, what with it being a zombie comic and all, I’d ask a simple question of you all: in the event of a zombie apocalypse, who would you want to have with you in your group of survivors? Living or dead, famous or infamous, fictional or real, who do you think would best help you survive against flesh-eating zombie hordes?

Ross, Cody and I will determine the best answer and the winner receives the autographed Zombie Tales.

If we get some really creative responses, I might just have another freebie to throw your way later this week.

Have fun!

June 5, 2007


Check out this writeup covering the first two issues of Michael Alan Nelson and Jean Ozialowski’s terrifying title:

First off, it’s great horror in an age where horror is swamped by bad zombie stories (Walking Dead being the exception of course). This book is creepy and terrifying. Talks of Armageddon, the Necronomican and other great classic tools of terror make this book stand out.

Not to mention this book is about Cthulhu, one of the creepiest bad guys of all time. What’s not to love about this comic?

June 4, 2007

BOOM! Honcho Ross Richie @ BEA.

A little stuffed bull meets Ross Richie and says some very kind things:

I stepped up to the Boom! Booth, stuck out my hoof and introduced myself to Ross as a friend of Kevin Church. To Ross’s credit and professionalism, he did not reply “Aren’t you a little short for a bottle of whiskey?” but instead greeted me energetically and enthusiastically, and we talked about the BEA show and the comics industry.

He goes into some length about how BOOM! studios is marketing itself to the book market and what that means for both us and the rest of the business. You can read the entire blog entry here.

June 4, 2007