Cory Doctorow just can’t stop with the BOOM! love. Today, at BOINGBOING he had this to say about our collection of TAG:

…a damned fine tale about love and betrayal, a story with many layers that are peeled back as the story moves to a moving climax.

Now…how awesome is that? Three reviews in one week!

August 24, 2007


Once again, Cory Doctorow of BOINGBOING fame strikes again! The man is on a BOOM! Studios review roll. After giving us a great review for the DEATH VALLEY TPB, he now turns to our ZOMBIE TALES TPB, having this to say:

…Zombie Tales runs the gamut. Every story in here is good, and some are GREAT, like John Rogers’s "Daddy Smells Different," and they’re mostly in the vein of the best of the Twilight Zone stories, punchy little tales with surprising twist endings, and like the Twilight Zone, the anthology’s strength is its breadth.

Just awesome. Thanks –again– Cory!

August 23, 2007

PLANETARY BRIGADE Trade Paperback hits the shelves today!!!


Finally, the hard to find Giffen/DeMatteis PLANETARY BRIGADE series is collected under one cover. This is the series AIN’T IT COOL NEWS said:

"If you are smart enough to like the JLI, you’ll love this one…This is old school foolin’ on comic book tradition. The menaces take the backseat to the witty and snide interactions….especially the interactions between the martini swilling Mauve Visitor and just about everyone."’

So run, don’t walk, to your LCS (that’s local comic store, folks!) and pick yourself up a copy! Or if you live in a place with no LCS in sight – you can order from us here!

August 22, 2007

SBC interviews Grant of 2 GUNS – the greatest heist comic of the year!

Steven Grant gets the patented, in-depth Silver Bullet Comics! treatment in this interview about the greatest heist comic of the year, BOOM!’s 2 GUNS! Here’s a little sample:

Tim O’Shea/Silver Bulltet Comics: While this is a crime noir tale, you’re a writer known for injecting wit into your work. How important is wit to the stories you construct?

Steven Grant: I am? Huh.

I don’t know that I go out of my way to inject wit into any stories. I’m just perverse, and it leaks out.

August 20, 2007

BOINGBOING hearts DEATH VALLEY TPB – “…like John Hughes vs George Romero”


Check out Cory Doctorow‘s review of DEATH VALLEY TPB over at BOINGBOING!

It’s like John Hughes meets George Romero, a great mix of bathos and pathos. The art is great: manga-inflected, but clearly American, and the dialog just snaps off the page.

Thanks Cory!

August 15, 2007

Ice Cube ready for ’10′

Looks like Ice Cube is “circling” around Giffen’s BOOM! one shot “10″ as a starring vehicle for himself. See more in this Variety article.

While the almost impossible to find “10″ is sold out, BOOM! Studios packaged “10″ with the first TAG series in our TAG trade paperback. Click here to purchase.

August 14, 2007

Wizard World Chicago 2007 BOOM! Signing Schedule (Booth #548)

The following signings at their booth (#548) during Wizard World Chicago 2007:

Friday 10-11am – TAG & TAG CURSED – Kody Chamberlain and Mike Leib
Friday 1-2pm – ZOMBIE TALES – Chris Moreno
Saturday 10-11am – TAG & TAG CURSED – Kody Chamberlain and Mike Leib
August 9, 2007

NEWS ON THE MARCH: Waid Interviewed As EIC News Permeates Industry

Mark Waid coming on as BOOM!’s Editor-In-Chief has been widely acknowledged as the biggest news of Comic-Con 2007. Here are three interviews that go behind the scenes with Mark about what he has in store for BOOM! and more about his BOOM! book POTTER’S FIELD:

•The exclusive Comic Book Resources interview from the day of the announcement

• The follow-up Newsarama interview done several days later

• And finally the Wizard interview that is out today


August 6, 2007