In Stores Today! (12/28/07)

BOOM! Studios ends the year with Steve Niles’ GIANT MONSTER TPB as our sole offering this week (12/28/07).

Thanks for a great 2007. Here’s to an even greater 2008.

Written by Steve Niles
Drawn by Nat Jones
Featuring an illustrated introduction by Bernie Wrightson and Bill Sienkiewcz
SC, 6×9, 128pgs, FC

‘Giant Monster’ is the ultimate giant monster story from the writer-creator of the smash-hit vampire epic 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. The year is 2013. Astronaut Don Maggert’s first space flight swallows him alive in the grip of an intergalactic horror, transforming him into something that throws the entire planet into peril! Featuring oversized Kaiju action and giant monster throw-downs!!

December 29, 2007

FALL OF CTHULHU “Best Horror Title 2007″ – Atomic Romance

Our wonderfully wicked ongoing monthly, FALL OF CTHULHU, was awarded “Best Horror Title” by Atomic Romance in their annual awards given out today. Congrats to Michael Alan Nelson for doing such a great book! So if you haven’t picked it up yet, what are you waiting for?

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December 27, 2007

POTTER’S FIELD #3 gets the “thumbs up” from gives a great review of POTTER’S FIELD #3.


Hear it here.


December 21, 2007

Solicited in December Previews 2007 / In-Store February 2008

Here are the BOOM! Studios titles that are solicited in December Previews 2007 and will be in-Store February 2008.



Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Pablo Quiligotti
Cover A by Patrick McEvoy / Cover B by Pablo Quiligotti
As tensions between the cultists and followers of the Old Ones rise, the mysterious Mr. Arkham welcomes the arrival of the final member of his war counsel.  But as the players move into place, Connor struggles with his role in Mr. Arkham’s plan.
24pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

by John Rozum & Chee
What secrets does The Foundation hold? Using the lost texts of Nostradamus, the knowledge of the future is theirs. But who’s to say that their interpretation of the future is sacred, or even correct? What if the secret organization that fights to protect the Earth is wrong? A vibrant new thriller with the action of 24 but with the tone of The X-Files!
24pgs, FC (3 of 5) SRP: $3.99 


by Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey and Farel Dalrymple
Finally collected in one volume for the first time!  From the mind of Mike Mignola, creator of HELLBOY, comes this Lovecraftian tale of a mysterious girl who arrives in Victorian England with carnage in her wake.  Is she evil incarnate or a misled child?  JENNY FINN: DOOM MESSIAH  hits the shelves ready to take advantage of the HELLBOY 2 release.
SC, 6×9, 128pgs, B&W    SRP: $14.99


(Please note that this is in Black & White and not Full Color as solicited!)

by David DiGilio & Alex Cal
From the creator of the ABC TV show Traveler! An Ice Age Mad Max that’s a blockbuster action story in widescreen style! Civilization itself is at risk as a new hero is born into a futuristic, barbaric time period. A tyrant has risen, and his reign will clash with the arrival of The North Wind!
24pgs, FC (2 of 5) SRP: $3.99


(Please note Alex Cal as the artist on this series.)


by J.M. DeMatteis & Mike Ploog
From the Eisner-award winning writer of JUSTICE LEAGUE and SPIDER-MAN and the artist of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT and MAN-THING comes the long-awaited collection of their fan-favorite follow-up to ABADAZAD! Last night, when Cody DiMarco went to bed, life was the same as it’s always been. This morning, when he woke up, the world he knew was gone, victim to a magic older than time.  Now four children, in order to restore their families and our planet, must solve the mystery of…The Stardust Kid. This edition collects all issues of this hard-to-find mini-series.
SC, 6×9, 144pgs, FC    SRP: $14.99

by Keith Giffen, Mike Leib, & Chee
The horror epic continues! When Ed was tagged, he found himself cursed to become a literal member of the walking dead. Terrified, he found the next victim he had to tag to pass along the curse. Years later, Ed can’t live with the guilt of passing along the curse. So he decides to stop it! How can one ordinary man hope to halt the advance of a curse that crosses centuries? A descent into hard-edged darkness and despair! Volume 2 of Keith Giffen’s dark horror franchise.
SC, 6×9, 128pgs, FC    SRP: $14.99


by Various
Collecting the stunning cover art from the hit mini-series WARHAMMER 40,000: DAMNATION CRUSADE and WARHAMMER 40,000: BLOOD AND THUNDER, the WARHAMMER 40,000 COVER GALLERY SPECIAL features 30 savage full-page, text-free images of Space Marines, Dreadnoughts, Imperial Guardsmen, Orks and other war-driven inhabitants of the bloody 41st Millennium.
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war…
32pgs, FC   SRP: $3.99

by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, and Rahsan Ekedal
From the wind-scoured North they’ve come: The Hordes Of Chaos, ruthless warriors raised in battle and fanatically devoted to their dark gods.  On a hundred-mile front across the Northern fringes of the Empire, the defenses of man and his dwarf allies are crumbling, fear threatens to become panic, and the blood of martyrs runs ankle-deep. Here begins the hopeless quest of a ramshackle band led by a mere Greatsword Sergeant Franz Vogel. Vogel must unite his disparate band of men, mages and dwarfs to take the battle to the forces of Chaos that routed them — but first they must first survive the secrets, both sacred and profane lurking within the primordial forest to which they fled! Will Vogel and his band find deliverance – or eternal damnation!
SC, 6×9, 128pgs, FC    SRP: $14.99


by Patrick McEvoy
Cthulhu calls, yet again, this time taking on the guise of the iconic Uncle Sam, poster boy for liberty. Featuring art by FALL OF CTHULHU cover artist Patrick McEvoy, this 13" x 19" print features a never before seen take on Cthulhu, this time in the style of the classic U.S. Army recruitment poster. Limited to just 1,000, enlist today and show your support for the coming darkness!
13" x 19" FC   SRP: $11.99



December 18, 2007

In Stores Today! (12/12/07)

Here are the BOOM! Studios titles that are in stores this week (12/12/07).


Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Paul Azaceta
Colors by Nick Filardi
$3.99, 24 pages, full color

He has no identity. He has no history. He leaves no fingerprint. What’s the past that John Doe is trying to hide? And how can he find the keys to it in Potter’s Field, the cemetery for the unnamed dead? More brilliant storytelling from the creator of Kingdom Come and writer of 52!


Written by Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton
Drawn by Daniel Lapham
Cover A by Yasmine & Svetlin / Cover B by Yasmine & Junkman
$3.99, 24 pages, full color

Trapped behind Ork lines without any hope of rescue, a lone Imperial Guard General struggles to survive, witnessing firsthand the violent and bloody power struggle that charts the rise to power of a new leader from within the slaughterhouse ranks of the Blood Axe clan…

December 13, 2007

LEFT ON MISSION “… reminiscent of Le Carré or even Fleming…”- Double O Section

DOUBLE O SECTION, the online source for all things espionage, had this to say about LEFT ON MISSION:

“…reminiscent of Le Carré or even Fleming… but the action is more in keeping with Bourne or Bond…”

December 9, 2007

BOOM! is having a Holiday Party, and you’re invited!


Holiday Party at Meltdown!! You are invited to our holiday party this coming Wednesday. We couldn’t have made BOOM! a success without our friends and fans, so come and help us celebrate another successful year. Most importantly – FREE BEER. So be there or be square! That address again is: Meltdown Comics 7522 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

The whole BOOM! crew should be there with as many BOOM! contributors as we could bribe to come.

Hope to so you there! Happy Holidays!


December 7, 2007

In Stores Today! (12/05/07)

Here are the BOOM! Studios titles that are in stores this week (12/05/07).


2 GUNS #4
Written by Steven Grant
Drawn by Mateus Santolouco
$3.99, 24 pages, full color

Everything comes unraveled. Trench and Steadman find when everyone wants you dead, your only ally has got to become your enemy! Teaming up, they angle to take down the conspiracy that threatens to wipe them out. A fun crime fiction romp in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job!”

Written by Michael Alan Nelson
Drawn by Tim Hamilton
$3.99, 24 pages, full color

Chicago is in flames. Citizens lie dead in the streets. And the authorities have discovered that the threat isn’t the superhumans that walk their metropolitan area wantonly killing people, it’s the possible spread of the virus. As quarantine is ordered, panic spreads, causing even more fear and destruction. Armageddon has come to Chicago, and threatens to spread across the planet!

December 5, 2007