Hi Tumblr!

As BOOM!’s newest edition to the bullpen, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Jasmine.  I like food, RPGs, and cowboy stuff.  I also love comics, which is why I’ve decided to transition to the editorial department.  Yes, while I may be new to the bullpen, I’m not all that new to BOOM!  I’ve worked in literally every facet of this company – most recently in Operations.  When I saw that an opportunity to go after my dreams opened up, I immediately let our EIC Matt Gagnon know what my aspirations are.  Matt is a big believer in people following their dreams and trusted me enough to let me have a crack at editing.  I guess I did an alright job, because I’m now BOOM!’s newest Assistant Editor.

I’ve been editing a comic book called POLARITY – Written by Max Bemis of Say Anything!

It’s a dark comedy about a man with bi-polar disorder who develops super powers as he descends into his mania. Kind of like bi-polar Spiderman, but with more pop-culture references. If you follow Say Anything, it closely resembles the outline of …Is a Real Boy (their first album).  Being a long time fan of Say Anything, I flipped when I immediately realized this after reading the first script.  That album has gotten me through so many facets of my personal life.

Not only is the writing fantastic, it’s going to look GORGEOUS! We have Jorge Coelho doing interiors with Felipe Sobriero on colors.  Let me tell you, the things they’re sending me – GOING TO KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET.  Also, Frazer Irving on covers A & C with W. Scott Forbes on B!  Mind-blowing stuff!

ALSO, Each issue ships with a free, original SONG, written by Max Bemis!  All four songs will equate to an E.P.  I mean C’MON.  THIS IS AWESOME, RIGHT?


“POLARITY is the story of a peculiar and withdrawn young Brooklynite who discovers that he possesses a mutated form of Bipolar Disorder.  When he goes into a manic state, he develops abnormal and potent superhuman abilities; essentially, the crazier he gets, the most powerful he becomes.  POLARITY is the story of his struggle with society, his powers, and forces that intend to control them, filtered through a lens of sarcasm, dark humor, and commentary on life as a twenty something-year old in ‘indie’ society.”

It’s coming out in April! Read Max’s interview on USA Today: