Plenty of Praise for IMAGINE AGENTS

Don’t forget to pick up the Second issue in stores 11/20/2013

“What lies behind that deceptively simple concept is a story that can go from being goofy and over-the-top on one page, to breaking your heart on the next page.” – Multiversity Comics –

“After reading this issue I am eager to see what Joines and Bachan come up with next, in terms of both plot and crazy awesome new figments, as the book quickly established itself as one of the most unique, imaginative books on the racks.” – 9.5/10 – Comicosity –

“I fully expect BOOM! to have another hit on their hand with this one and comic fans, as well as Hollywood knocking on their door.” – Graphic Policy –

“…a compelling and somewhat sobering read, despite the whimsical artistic style and seemingly light subject matter.” – Geek Quality –

“I really loved the thought and care that was put into this comic.” – Geeked Out Nation –

“Buy it! Boom studios is really putting out some great creator-owned work right now, and Imagine Agents is a shining example” – Talking Comic Books –

“The story is off to a good start in issue #1…” – The Geek Girl Project –

“Imagine Agents is a nice surprise and is further proof that the comic book industry could use more all ages books.” – 8/10 – Flipgeeks –

“It’s well written, the art from Bachan and Redmond takes an expectedly cartoon like line which works very well indeed and this is a fine start to yet another promising BOOM! title.” – 8/10 – Paradox Comics Group –

“Although the whole ‘what if imaginary friends were real?’ thing has been done a couple times before, this is easily the best I’ve ever seen.” – Alleycat Comics –!the-cats-pajamas/cv1t

“Overall this is a beautiful all ages book, populated with some really inventive creature creations.” – 4.5/5 – Drunk On Comics –

“Joines’ script is cleverly thought out and Bachan really gets to go to town with the art…” – Uproxx –

“Brian Joines creates a world that is vibrant and feels like it exists past this comic book.” – Comical Musings –

“Vivid colors, great line art, fantastic detail, great imaginary characters – one word: Awesome.” – 5/5 – Mighty Ink Comics –

“I was hooked half way in and look forward to the next three issues of this mini-series.” – Capeless Crusader –