BOOM! Studios 12 Days of Christmas Countdown – #9

Thank you for helping BOOM! Studios have an amazing year! 2013 brought our first movie with 2 GUNS, a new logo, a newly designed website, the acquisition of Archaia, a first look deal with 21st Century Fox, winning an Eisner Award for ADVENTURE TIME, just to name a few of the things that have happened this year. We decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas countdown sale as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the #weareboom family. There will be a twenty-four hour sale with discounts as low as 50% for the next twelve days. Not only that, but there will also be a video to go along with each day featuring members of the BOOM! crew.

On the 12th day of Christmas BOOM! Studios brings to you 9 Ladies Leading.

Female Protagonists – with some of the ladies of BOOM!

There have been plenty of discussions in 2013 regarding women in comics. From conversations ranging from the lack of professional female creators in the industry to the disproportionate amount of female lead characters in the actual books themselves, the readers are definitely ready for a change, seeking more diversity and a wider range of story perspectives. Long gone are the days when a female version of a male character was enough to satisfy hunger for women in comics in a market that has grown in size and is much more diverse than ever before. Now that these conversations have been brought to the forefront, we’re all very hopeful that 2014 will bring more leading ladies in comics on all fronts.

Here at BOOM! Studios we have always been dedicated to telling stories that we believe in, and as a result we have never had a shortage of female leads. BOOM! Studios brings HEXED’s supernatural thief-for-hire Lucifer, Sully the human defender of Skintown in PLANET OF THE APES, and the kung-fu orphanage raised FREELANCERS Val and Cass to name a few, while the adventure-seeking princesses Lono and Pira in SPERA, GUNNERKRIGG COURT’s Antimony Carver and the CURSED PIRATE GIRL are just some of heroines Archaia has to offer. If you’re looking for leading ladies, BOOM! Studios are a great place to start. Also if you haven’t checked out our Women of BOOM! Interviews being ran by, please do so here:

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