Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Raúl Treviño

Cover Artists: Jilipollo, Chris Brunner, Raúl Treviño

Format: 32 pages, full color

Price: $3.99

Diamond Order Code: #1 – MAY161222

On sale: #1 – July 20, 2016 in comic book shops


  • Justin Jordan (JOHN FLOOD, SPREAD) tackles a provocative topic—the violent drug cartels of Mexico—partnering with artist Raúl Treviño, who lives in Mexico and is drawing on his first-hand experiences to inform the story.

  • A DEA agent who disappeared in Mexico years ago has resurfaced and is now out-brutalizing some of the cartels he was sent to investigate. His daughter has been tasked with stopping him…by any means necessary.

  • Perfect for fans of SCALPED, the novels HEART OF DARKNESS and SAVAGES, or the film APOCALYPSE NOW.

  • Also available in a Spanish-language edition.

Where to Buy:

Copies of Sombra are available at your local comic book shop. Issue #1 is on sale July 20th. To guarantee your copy of #1, pre-order now through your comic shop using code MAY161222. To locate the one nearest you, use or

Read a digital version of Sombra on your smartphone or e-reader! Issue #1 will be available to purchase on comiXology and other fine digital publishers starting July 20th, 2016.


SOMBRA #1 Main Cover by Jilipollo


SOMBRA #1 FOC Variant Cover by Chris Brunner


SOMBRA #1 Spanish Edition Cover by Raúl Treviño