BOOM! Studios is incredibly proud of our ongoing relationship with our retail partners. We always welcome building new friendships with members of the retail community, whether in the direct comic market, book market, specialty market, or mass market. We are distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors into the direct comic market, Simon & Schuster into the US book market, HarperCollins Canada into the Canadian book market, and Titan into the UK book market. We do not offer direct wholesale opportunities.

We believe in innovating and building the comic company of the future now, but we need the support of great retailers to do it. The BOOM! Innovators are a select group of our retail partners who stand by us in this vision. Click here to find of list of the BOOM! Innovators.

We offer a weekly hype-free, sincere “All You Need To Know” direct comic market retailer email and video. Please indicate if you’d like to be added to our email list.

Please send all inquires, included exclusive variant covers, through the form provided below.

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