Writing:“  Jerimiah Harm is written with just the right amount of wit to go along with his tough guy exterior… Jeremiah continues to stake his claim as one of the coolest character currently active in comics.” ” 

Artwork: I think I like the artwork better in this issue than even in prior issues…and the past issues were really good.

Overall:”  4 stars. Just a great series.”  If you haven’t given it a try, go out of your way to pick it up.” 

Ron Miller

Writing:“  Interesting protagonist…”  one part Jack Sparrow, two parts The Punisher, and maybe a scattering of Mick Jagger in there for good measure.

Artwork:”  The art is gritty and a tad dirty, which fits the action rather well.

Overall: 4 stars.”  aIrreverent and over the top, but with great character design.”  Hey, you can’t lose.

Alex Haas

Writing: This issue continues the over-the-top action of this dark yet” funny” sci-fi series.

Overall: 4 stars. I really like this series.”  The witty remarks are injected often enough to keep an underlying levity, but not too often so it avoids straying into the realm of camp.

Robert Weiman

Writing: I’ve grown used to expecting great things from BOOM Studios and this title hasn’t disappointed me. This is one of my more favorite titles right now and this issue proved to be well worth the read. I think the wit of this comic is one of it’s strong suits and Harm dishes a lot out in this issue. Harm is becoming an even more larger than life character as a result of this issue. “ 

Artwork: The art while a bit bizarre at times worked well for this story. I thought some of the more gruesome aspects were especially of note.

Overall: 4 stars. This one was a page turner or since we recieved it as a pdf a mouse scroller. I thought this was a great addition to this arc.

Stefan Haas

September 25, 2006


Writing: This is a rare title that I think keeps getting better.”  It seems like the writers had a solid plan where this story was going to go from the first issue through this one and they haven’t veered off.” This is becoming a very good series.

Artwork: As with prior issues, the artwork is very good.” It looks like real time and effort is put into producing expressions that fit the panels themes.

Overall:”  4 stars. If your concerned this book is nothing more than a” alien book, reconsider. Its much more of a study of the human condition for survival.” 

Ron Miller

Writing:“  This series does a lot to bring you face to face with a lot of the uglier tendencies you might expect from people if society broke down.

Alex Haas

Writing: The dissolution of society as a whole and the reversion to a tribal group that resists any outsiders or change was convincingly portrayed.

Artwork: The faces of the sheriff and his deputies were an interesting study in anger.

Overall: 4 stars. While it got off to a slow start, this title has really piqued my interest.

Robert Weiman

Writing: While it kind of dwells in the blacker side of human nature in this issue I thought it was well done and the story was paced nicely.

Artwork: (B/W) The art is this issue was clear and helped move the story along. I found the black and white style to really work with the expressions of the characters.

Overall: 4 stars. This was a good addition to this arc. The story moved along well and the characters are being defined well.

Stefan Haas

September 25, 2006


Anyway, Ross came to me and said, “Hey, will you do a short piece for me?” I ended up doing Ninja Tales. It’s very freeing. Not that television is bad, television is relatively easy on the writer, just the writer is the producer in television. We get to oversee the final product, unlike feature writers. But comics… He’s like, “Do something with ninjas in it.” So, I wrote something and sent it to him and he said, “Great. Hey, take out the word asshole on page eleven and that’s it. That’s my note.” I was like, “Okay, great. I love this. This is a great job.”

Right here.

September 23, 2006
September 20, 2006