BOOM! Titles for the Week of May 2, 2007

This week sees the rollout of the much-anticipated Giffen / Nelson / Richie / Hamilton joint Dominion:

An alien microbe, traveling through space, arrives on Earth and discovers humanity. As it enters an array of innocent human bodies, it remakes them into something new. Something powerful. Something wanting its own homeland, its own dominion. A new mini-series depicting the battle between ordinary humans and this new, alien invader taking over human bodies and infusing them with untold power! In the mode of Heroes, but with the intergalactic stakes of Independence Day!

For more information, we can’t say enough good words about this piece from Andrew Wickliffe over at Comic Book Resources.

There’s also the third issue of Warhammer 40,000: Damnation Crusade comic and if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Ed McGuinness variant cover that’s floating around. Finally, the supernatural island drama of X-Isle comes to a close with a big, big finish that’s sure to leave fans happy.

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April 30, 2007

Reviews for the last Planetary Brigade: Origins issue and the debut of Hunter’s Moon:

Greg Burgas thought the final issue of Planetary Brigade: Origins was pretty good:

“…fun to read, and we get some nice twists in this one… the bigger epic has a nice important feeling to it.”

Variety‘s Tom McClean found a lot to like in Hunter’s Moon, managing to throw in some much-appreciated praise for BOOM! in general:

No new publisher has done as well the past few years as Boom!, but the company’s latest releases have truly raised the bar. Hot on the heels of cool stuff like “Mr. Stuffins” and the engrossing “Tag: Cursed,” comes “Hunter’s Moon,” from the writer of the Oscar-winning film “Ray.” White defies conventional comicbook wisdom and packs this tale of a successful businessman trying to reconnect with his son on a hunting trip with eight-, nine- and 10-panel pages packed full of compelling dialog that gives this story the kind of meat few comics offer. Talajic really rises to this challenge, drawing pages that really work and are attractive without being cramped. The result is a compelling debut that, if White et al. can keep it up, promise to make this into a must-read graphic novel.

Grade: A

April 29, 2007


There’s a brand-new Nitroglycerin available on BOOM’s front page as well as in a larger format over on artist Benjamin Birdie’s WebComicsNation page. This week’s installment features the lead from Hunter’s Moon, who I’m pretty sure would never appear on a show dedicated to how “fun” comics can be.

April 25, 2007


Andrew Wickliffe liked Mr. Stuffins #1, it appears:

“Mr. Stuffins is one of those hard-to-describe reads–how do you explain something’s cool because it’s about a teddy bear who intimidates a stuffed rabbit–but Cosby and Stokes are both excellent writers…”

“Lee Carter’s art mixes the various elements quite well. From the parents fighting to the teddy bear in action or just the kid walking into school, he does a great job. My favorite panel’s not even of the bear, but just a reaction shot from the mom.”

Madbastard dug the debut of Steven Grant’s 2 Guns quite a lot:

“…there’s a lot more going on in BOOM!’s latest title than is readily apparent… The plot is like a desert snake; it moves in switchbacks and is dangerous to everyone involved. The dialogue is sharp, with a coffee shop scene that is bound to remind a few people of a Tarantino movie. The characters are flushed out and have bona fide motivations for the questionable and sometimes violent actions they take. The art in 2 Guns is strong and renders that characters and action well.”

April 24, 2007

BOOM! Titles for the Week of April 25th

This week sees three titles hurtling out of the BOOM! stables. Screenwriter James White gets his comics debut in the suspense tale Hunter’s Moon:

The Academy Award-nominated writer of the film Ray comes to comics in a big way, kicking off a new series at Boom! Stockbroker Lincoln “Linc” Greer, divorced dad, is looking forward to a hot date in a remote cabin for the weekend. When his date cancels and he gets stuck with visitation rights with his son, he takes the boy hunting in the wilds of Oregon. Before he knows it, his son is kidnapped and a voice at the other end of his cell phone tells him to do what he asks — if he ever wants to see his son again! Linc soon finds that he’s the only African-American man in this small mostly white logging community. Isolated and alone, he’s got to face a contentious community and save his son!

Featuring moody art by Dalibor Talajic, Hunter’s Moon is sure to provide the suspense fans have come to expect from BOOM!

We also have Giffen and DeMatteis wrapping up their Planetary Brigade: Origins series with art by the supremely talented Julia Bax. Mike Lieb and Chee leads readers down Ed’s dark path in Tagged: Curse #3. Keep these books in mind when you’re visiting your shop this Wednesday and let us know how we’re doing on the BOOM! Studios Forum!

April 23, 2007